Man nearly ends marriage with careless statement


A Leicestershire husband has spent two weeks furiously back peddling to save his marriage after underestimating the importance his wife had placed on their wedding anniversary.

Two weeks ago, Laura Thape (44) reminded her husband Peter that their big anniversary was coming up – it was 20 years since they had got married. But Peter (46) casually corrected his wife, telling her that it’s 25 that’s considered to be the big one. Having seen the colour draw from his wife’s face Peter immediately exited the house and began arranging a number of gifts to placate his furious wife.

‘I just don’t seem to be learning. It’s just too hard to understand, I don’t think I’m bright enough to be married,’ said Peter.

‘I checked with the guys in the pub, and they all agreed…25 is the big one. I decided not to tell this to Laura.’ Peter added.