Man returns from Christmas Fair with change


A man who went to his children’s school Christmas Fair, with £100 in his pocket, has surprisingly returned home with some of his money.

Peter Thape from Leicestershire, couldn’t believe his luck when he discovered that he still had £12 in his wallet, on his return.

The annual Parent Teacher Association (PTA) mugging normally costs Thape in excess of three figures, but Thape controlled costs by rationing out face painting, drinks tombola, and photos with the delectable Reception Class teacher, who was dressed as Elsa from Frozen.

‘This might be our last Christmas fair. Next summer we want to go on holiday, and we can’t afford both in the same year,’ said Thape.

‘The PTA do a great job though. This year, they’re funding a £350,000 astro turf pitch from the Xmas fair profits,’ added Thape.