Man run-over wearing clean underwear makes his mother proud


A mother has expressed her enormous pride after discovering that her deceased son was wearing clean underwear, as per her advice, when involved in an accident.

Mrs Thape, whose son Peter (42) was killed on Tuesday, has been comforted by the news that Peter had headed her lifelong instruction of wearing clean underwear in case he was involved in an accident.

Mrs. Thape told fellow mourners all about Peter’s particularly clean undergarments, and his routine practice of changing his boxers on a daily basis.

‘It’s nice to think that before that bus hit him, he’d been thinking about his old mum, and the cheery little bits of advice that I’d often give him,’ said Mrs. Thape.

‘Apparently his undies weren’t so clean after the 135 had run over him, but Peter would never have known that,’ added Mrs Thape.