Man smashes record for driving with wasp in car


A Norwich man has broken the seventeen year record for driving with a live wasp on board his vehicle.

Peter Thape (23) was only 6 when the previous record of 2 miles with a buzzing wasp was set at the turn of the century.

But Thape travelled an astonishing 7 miles on the motorway, from the point where the wasp emerged from his dashboard heating vent. Thape opened all his windows, slowed his driving, and watched the sedentary wasp intently, until managing to pull in to the next services.

‘He crawled onto the fascia, just above the steering wheel, and stared at me for the full 7 miles,’ said Thape.

‘The sweat was pouring off me. I couldn’t have been more scared if he’d have had a gun,’ added Thape.