Man still convinced that he’s getting a pool table

dining tabledining table

A 44 year-old man is dragging his heels over the purchase of a dining table; still secretly hoping that the space could be used for a pool table.

Peter Thape from Lincoln feels certain that his wife will change her mind about choosing the eight seat extendable oak dining set, and opt instead for the pub-sized, slate bed, purple baized pool table. Thape’s confidence has not been affected by the collapse of his previous plan to buy a floor standing arcade version of Space Invaders, for which he pre-bought £10 of old 10p’s off e-bay to operate.

‘Yeah, we decided that we didn’t really need the Space Invaders game, or the seated Pac Man machine either,’ said Thape.

‘There’s an oak sideboard in that space now, with a fancy dinner set inside. I hope the new pool table matches it,’ added Thape.