Man still wishing people Happy New Year

2017Colorful 2017 New Year date in fiery sparklers over a black background with copy space for your greeting or invitation

A man from Stafford is still wishing people a Happy New Year after the cut-off date of January 21st.

Peter Thape (36) confused a checkout girl in Asda yesterday by wishing her a Happy New Year as he picked up his shopping bags and left. The government has recently revised cut-off dates for greetings, to help the public out. Happy New Year is now Jan 21st, Merry Christmas Dec 30th, and Happy Valentines Feb 15th. Peter Thape though, didn’t seem particularly bothered by the new guidelines.

‘I’ve never really been sure about New Year, so I say it to anyone I’ve not seen this year, right up until March,’ said Thape.

‘May I take this opportunity to wish your readers a Happy Easter…from last year,’ added Thape.