Man that has to spend 20p for a wee, decides to wait for a poo too

pay toiletpay toilet

A man that desperately needed a wee, and had to shell out 20p for the privilege, decided to hold on for a number two as well, to get better value for his money.

Peter Thape from Wells in Somerset burst into the toilet area at the train station to discover that the toilets now had a compulsory 20p cover charge.

Having found the requisite coin, Thape enjoyed the pleasures of the urinal before deciding to wait in a cubicle to enjoy the full facilities. As Thape left the toilet area, he held the barrier open for four more people.

‘I felt like Robin Hood, letting those others in at the end,’ said Thape.

‘20p? There should have been a bath in there for that money,’ added Thape.