Man that turns on the Christmas lights left unemployed by celebrities


A man who has trained to turn on big sets of lights, such as Christmas town centre lights, and various annual illuminations has been put out of work by celebrities.

Peter Thape (56) from Oldham, qualified with a good 2:1 degree in Christmas light switch application, but has seen his regular work taken over by minor celebrities.

Thape has been a reliable and competent switcher over the years, and wonders if the public truly want to see the likes of Kylie Minogue, and One Direction putting him out of work.

‘There was a time when I’d open supermarkets too, but it’s all gone the way of minor celebrities now,’ said Thape.

‘I’ll step aside for the Queen, don’t get me wrong, but one year it was just the DJ from Key 103 turning the lights on – that’s demeaning,’ added Thape.