Man thinks he’s working at NASA


An East Grinstead office worker, who often feels the need to stand at his desk, and conduct his phone conversations on his feet, may think that he works for NASA.

Peter Thape (24) is one of the two-strong sales team who sell incontinence wear from the Healthywipes office in West Sussex.

Thape and colleague, Murial Hislop spend the day phoning an established list of customers, generally confirming repeat orders with local nursing homes and pharmacies. Thape has recently suggested that a giant hand bell could be rung to confirm sales.

‘Last week he said the actual words to a customer…I think we can work through this problem together,’ said Hislop.

‘Then he stood up, loosened his tie, and started giving him instructions; I think he thought he was talking to Jim Lovell,’ added Hislop.