Man told what he can and can’t say on route to ‘friends’ New Year party

dinner partydinner party

A Cambridgeshire man is being briefed by his wife about which subjects he isn’t allowed to mention when they arrive at their friend’s house for a New Year’s Eve dinner party.

Peter Thape (45) from Huntingdon has spent the entire 15 minute drive receiving a detailed run-down of the various sensitivities of the other guests. Thape has been warned not to ask if Penny is pregnant; she’s just put weight on. He’s been told not to ask why Andrew’s on his own; nobody’s allowed to know. And not to mention the heavy bruising on Paula’s face; she and Steve are going through a bit of a rough patch.

‘Suppose it’s four hours of work talk, with football thrown in,’ said Thape.

‘I’m sure New Year’s Eve used to be more fun than this,’ added Thape.