Man with loads to do decides to clear out kitchen draw


A man, who has 100 better things he needs to do, has decided to clean out the overflowing draw in the kitchen.

Although the leaflet, old keys, and crusty battery draw has not been able to close properly for 8 years, Peter Thape (41) has decided that the essential phone calls he needs to make will have to wait until he’s addressed the abundance of leaflets and instruction booklets that are blocking the smooth opening of the drawer mechanism.

Thape eventually opted to keep just the latest local glossy advert mag, plus one Chinese, Pizza, and Indian menu.

‘Probably never going to get the conservatory roof cleaned. Been keeping that one for 16 years – I think they’re out of business,’ said Thape.

‘Really good use of two hours, that. Might have to sort out the mortgage problem tomorrow; I think they might be closed now,’ added Thape.