McDonald’s staff serve a man with a child, who’s not divorced, on a Sunday morning

dad and kiddad and kid

A McDonald’s employee thinks he may be the first ever member of staff to serve a dad, who came in at 9am on a Sunday morning with his young child, and may not be divorced or separated.

Pete Thape (17) has only been working on the chicken nuggets for eight months, but has nonetheless become the first member of the 31,000 worldwide staff to serve a married man in a Sunday morning.

Thape had been clearing tables, and handing out sorry your parents got divorced balloons, when the father of a small boy suddenly told him that he was really happily married.

‘The Regional Manager handed me a special plaque, and there was a ceremony and everything,’ said a proud Thape.

‘The customer told me that he had to get his son back to their mum for three o’clock, but I didn’t tell that bit to anyone,’ added Thape.