Men happy to get most of their wee in the toilet

toilet bowltoilet bowl

Men have announced that it might be enough to get nearly all their wee in the toilet, and are happy to accept that whatever misses the target, misses.

Despite being trained from an early age, males are still struggling to get all of their wee into the right bit of the toilet, with under the seat, down the side, and onto the floor still big favourites.

Local urinator, Peter Thape will often do several wees a day, including some middle of the night visits, of which he claims, daytime lavatorial etiquette does not apply.

‘No, you don’t have to put the seat back down at night; in fact you don’t even have to lift it up in the first place,’ said Thape.

‘Plus, if you miss the bowl, it’s generally dry by the morning,’ added Thape.