Men still particularly uncomfortable in the feminine hygiene aisle

jam ragsjam rags

Millions of years of evolution have not helped men feel any less terrified in the women’s section of a supermarket.

A survey has discovered that men would rather lose a limb than buy a feminine hygiene product for a partner. spokesman, Peter Thape has made a complaint to the supermarkets, who continue to site the jam aisle uneasily close to essentials, like medicines. Thape then confessed of his own harrowing experience dealing with this particularly sensitive issue.

‘I had to nip to the 24hour Tesco one night for milk, and then my wife just asked me, straight out…Could you pick up some heavy flow?’ said a cringing Thape.

‘I came back twenty minutes later, empty handed. No milk, nothing. Told her that Tesco had now closed down, all of them. All their stores, everywhere.’ Thape added.