More fights needed in films


The Chairman of the British Cinematic Society, Peter Thape has been visiting film makers around the country to remind them about having more fight scenes in films.

Thape has visited film, creative writing, and media students with a clear set of instructions for the next generation of film makers.

Thape has advised students to abandon any original ideas, and to take Roman, Greek or Biblical tales and re-tell them so that they all conclude with a huge battle. Or, to write about superhero and fantasy figures and direct the story towards a huge battle scene.

‘Alternatively, take a loosely successful film from a few years ago, and rehash it to make an inferior copy of the original, with the slight twist of a concluding battle scene, if possible,’ advised Thape.

‘Remember, the public want fights, scuffles, and massive battles, with massiver battles at the end.’ Thape added.