Mum admits that parenting is just a blend of bullying and bribery

mum and childMother having discussion with son

A mother from Tyneside faces expulsion from the National Union of Parents (NUP) for admitting that parenting small children is just a mixture of bullying and bribery.

The 35 year-old unnamed mother has been relocated for her own protection, after revealing the nation’s oldest, quietly-kept secret.

But NUP Chairman Peter Thape has been quick to rebuff the whistle-blower’s assertions, categorically denying that parents use a system of treats, stern looks, and hysterical shouting to overcome the various hurdles of the day.

‘This is a nonsense! There is absolutely no evidence of the systemic bullying or bribery of small children in this country,’ stated Thape.

‘If that were the case, then by the time the child becomes a teenager, the only power a parent would have is to withhold X-Box time,’ added Thape.