Mum successfully loads fridge with small jars


A Worcestershire family will spend the next year fighting for refrigerator space after mum filled the fridge with a spectacular range of condiments that had graced the Christmas dinner table.

Murial Hislop (38) from Malvern has every intention of using the bespoke assortment of chutneys, sauces, and pastes, but will in fact sweep the entire unused shelf into the bin next November as she makes room for the upcoming Christmas. Meanwhile, the family will precariously balance eggs on top of the margarine in the precious remaining fridge space for the rest of the year, again.

‘That chutney will go beautifully on some cheese and crackers,’ said Hislop.

‘I think I’ll talk about the chutney for a while, and then I’ll forget about it, until it’s got fur on,’ added Hislop.