Nans rebel against the new slim TV’s


The senior generation are campaigning for the return of traditional TV’s, after nans realised that they had nowhere to put a photograph of their grandchildren.

The eventual filtering through of slim televisions to the mature generation has caused consternation, as elderly people struggle with where to place holiday post cards, doilies, and Spanish dolls.

Murial Hislop (83) has written a strong worded letter to Japan, asking for our big TV’s back. She will personally hand the letter to the postman, when he drops off the second post.

‘I’ve found a place for Carol’s recent University graduation photo from 1972, but I’m really struggling with where to put the fruit bowl,’ said Hislop.

‘My son-in-law told me to put the telly on the wall. Carol should never have married him; I told her that at the time,’ added Hislop.