New Mensa test based on Ted Rogers’ 3-2-1 clues


Mensa have replaced their traditional IQ entry tests with a series of post-sketch clues from the TV series 3-2-1. 

Jobbing actor Peter Thape, who used to appear in the sketches with a series of enormous spectacled women, has sold the prized clues to Mensa.

The clues had thought to have been lost, but Thape, who has fallen on hard times, has dug out the impossible riddles for the Asperger’s-based society.  Thape fondly remembers that nobody in the country ever successfully worked out any clue, ever.

‘A typical clue might be…You’d be dumb not to choose the prize that drives, and also rhymes with star?’ posed Thape.

‘Then Ted would say… You take the first two letters from the 3rd & 15th words, which spells ‘dust’. What do you do with dust? Put it in a bin – You’ve won Dusty Bin!’ added Thape.