New record set for turning vegetable blender into milk shake maker


Murial Hislop (36) from Cheshunt, Herts has broken the British record of turning a fruit/vegetable liquidizer into an ice cream machine.

Hislop smashed the 2007 record of four days, by tipping her vile tasting vegetable potion straight into the bin, and making a clotted ice cream and vanilla fudge milk shake within two hours of the machine arriving. Hislop put her new title win down to a genuine love of ice cream, a reluctance to spend £3.50 on fashionable berries, and a realisation that she would never enjoy the infusion of tart fruits.

‘At least I didn’t stick it in that musky cupboard with the bread maker,’ said Hislop.

‘It should get some use too, unlike the pasta maker, and the Tassimo,’ added Hislop.