Northerner can’t seem to find a Poundbakery in London


A Bolton man who has visited all the tourist sites in London before lunchtime, is struggling to find a branch of the nationwide pasty chain, Poundbakery.

Peter Thape (33) has worked up a healthy appetite taking in the various attractions of the capital, but despite walking up and down Oxford St. several times, cannot find a Poundbakery.

Thape is certainly ready for his regular two Cheese and Onion pasties for a pound, and because he’s on holiday, is looking forward to the five cookie desert, bringing his total spend to £2.

‘What the hell’s going on? There’s a Poundbakery every 25 yards in Bolton?’ asked a confused Thape.

‘I’ve been offered a quinoa and spinach wrap. Does that come with gravy?’ asked Thape.