‘Not bursting out laughing at your really angry mum,’ voted hardest thing to do, ever


Not pissing your pants laughing at your really angry parents, has been voted…The hardest thing to do, ever in a new Channel Four poll.

The Channel Four programme, which airs on Tuesday at 8pm, counts down the list of the top 100… Hardest things to do, ever.

Not laughing in your angry mum’s face finished ahead of Curing Cancer, with Accomplishing Time Travel finishing third. Peter Thape (17) claims that he’s perfected a system of biting his inner cheek really hard to stop himself laughing when his dad really goes off.

‘My dad’s face contorts when he’s really angry. You can see his nose hairs – that’s all I can look at,’ said Thape.

‘At her angriest, my mum sounds Scottish. She’s never been past Watford. I like to listen out for her sudden tartan inflection,’ added Thape.