Parmesan to be replaced by the stuff you scrape from between your toes


Restaurants are seeking out sufferers of Athlete’s Foot to help provide a new fresher smelling alternative to parmesan cheese.

From January, waiters will bring a manual worker to each table that has ordered a pasta or pizza dish, and ask him to remove his socks, before offering his foot over the customer’s dish.

The waiter will then offer…Toe scrapings, Sir/Madam? for those who might ordinarily enjoy the pleasures of parmesan cheese. Restauranteur, Peter Thape is pleased to offer the new service.

‘We’re hoping that the new fresher offerings from between the toes of an infected, over-worked labourer will make the till ker-ching,’ said Thape. 

‘For those who like a stronger flavour, we could use a ground worker who’s been in the same socks for a week,’ added Thape.