Patients to physically fight for a same-day doctor’s appointment

fight 1fight 1

GP surgeries have decided to ramp up the traditional 8.30am stampede for a same-day appointment, by asking prospective patients to fight, toe to toe, for the right to see a doctor.

Murial Hislop is a receptionist at a GP’s surgery, and she hates the noise of a constantly ringing phone, so takes an early lunch from 8.29 until about 9 o’clock.

Hislop has suggested that those who really need an appointment should come in and prove their desire to see a doctor by fighting one another until all the time slots are filled.

‘This new system should be pretty entertaining. Ringing up at 8.30 wasn’t working. People are just sitting there pressing redial until the afternoon,’ said Hislop.

‘Get here early, and you should be able to take on a few old biddies,’ added Hislop.