People reminded to leave one small bit of tinsel on a piece of sellotape in the corner of the room for the next 12 months


People taking down the Christmas decorations this weekend are being reminded to think that they’ve done a spot-on job, but later discover a little bit of tinsel still stuck in the corner of the room.

Then, as tradition dictates, the fleck of tinsel must annoy the fuck out of us, but not quite enough to bother getting a chair to actually pull it down.

Local mum, Murial Hislop is deliberately sticking up strands of tinsel in the corners of rooms, and on occasional bits of coving, to save time on worrying about finding them later on.

‘Found one in March last year; stared at it for the next 9 months,’ said Hislop.

‘Watched the little piece of sellotape getting darker and darker,’ added Hislop.