Pressing a lit lift button finally punishable


The government is to take increased action against people who press a lift up or down button that has already been pressed by the person who is waiting for the same lift.

Following numerous complaints from the National Union for Manners, the Government has set up nationwide checkpoints seeking those who do not sufficiently trust the original presser of the ‘call lift’ button.

Transgressors have been asked to write a letter of apology to the victim and his/her family of up to 12 relatives, or attend a 3 day training course. Peter Thape (28) was a recent victim of the crime.

‘I’m stood by the lift, I’d pressed the up button, it was all lit up. Along comes this guy…just presses the up button! What’s that about? Does he not rate my finger?’ asked Mr. Thape.

‘I’m glad he was caught. I’ve told him that the apology letters to my family can’t be photocopies either. All hand written,’ Thape added.