Public encouraged to shout abuse at shopkeepers selling individual multipack items


Shopkeepers who buy cheaper ‘multipack’ products, and then sell them individually will be asked to restore the goods to their original packaging.

From January, shoppers may challenge the storekeeper if they should come across a tin of beans, can of pop, or pack of crisps that wears the distinctive multipack banner.

It will then be the responsibility of the shop to return the item to its plastic packaging along with its siblings. If this task is beyond the shopkeeper it will be acceptable to point towards the till repeatedly shouting ‘Thief!’ until an arrest is secured.

‘I’ll pay £1.85 for a loaf of bread occasionally. I see it as a just punishment for me not being organised when I did the weekly shop,’ said infrequent corner-shop customer Peter Thape.

‘But the multipack thing – no. No way. I feel like I’m properly having me pants pulled down there.’ Thape added.