Recently qualified ignoramus doing well


A Hampshire man, who attended a 3 day course in Social Ignorance, has successfully avoided contact with an old work colleague who was approaching him in the street.

Peter Thape (34) from Winchester quickened his gait, and appeared to be focussing on something in the distance in a well worked strategy that took him right past his workmate from yesteryear.

Thape has proudly developed a stare that is now routinely helping him avoid homeless people, market researchers, and old girlfriends. Thape owes his success to the course, in which he achieved a distinction.

‘The course was brilliant! They even teach you what to say if the person you’re ignoring stops you. You act dead surprised and say…Oh my god! How are you? I was in a world of my own,’ said Thape.

‘Next year, I’m hoping to do Level 2 Sociopathy,’ added Thape.