Retired man breaks record for saying ‘I don’t know how I ever found time to go to work’


A retiree from Hull has reminded six new people in one week that he has retired, quashing the previous record of three, which had stood for over 50 years.

66 year old Peter Thape will receive the award from World Record sponsors, Guinness on Tuesday afternoon, after he’s finished watching Midsomer Murders on ITV 3, but before the quiz shows start that take you up to tea time. Thape had proudly found six new local people to patronise with his tales of alleged busyness, including 34 year old neighbour Murial Hislop.

‘He’s certainly convinced himself that he’s very busy; said he’s building another water feature in his garden,’ said Hislop.

‘Looks to me like his real decisions are about what time to eat breakfast and lunch at,’ added Hislop.