Ryanair get through 5 minutes of the flight without trying to sell something


Ryanair cabin crew face disciplinary action after going six minutes on a flight without trying to sell something to the passengers.

The Human Resources report has shown that between 11.06 and 11.12 on a flight from Manchester to Dublin, cabin crew failed to badger the passengers into buying anything at all.

Peter Thape was a commuter on that flight and remembers the six minutes where he wasn’t thumped by a passing trolley, or the athletic legs of a stewardess/salesperson in full flow.

‘I remember this eerie gap after they’d tried to sell the drinks, food, duty free, special offers, in-house magazine, scratch cards, and follow-on flights; it was a moment of real calm – scary,’ said Thape.

‘It was just before they’d asked us if we’d had PPI insurance back in the 90’s,’ added Thape.