Serves four? My Arse!


Food manufacturers, and labelling companies are coming under intense pressure to start telling the truth about how many servings are truly in packaged food.

The Ministry of Honesty (MOH) is urging food companies to stop using the prisoner of war scale to gauge how many people could possibly eat from a jar of food.

MOH spokesman, Peter Thape has noted that 4 people could not get a sufficient meal from a jar of curry, a family lasagne could only serve 8 small midgets, and a bar of chocolate only has 6 servings if it’s being used to negotiate prison favours.

‘A bar of chocolate with six servings? It’s not even six mouthfuls,’ said MOH spokesman, Thape.

‘McDonalds started this nonsense with their McNugget share box. Share? Who’s sharing them?’ asks Thape.