Specsavers buy-out last remaining packaging company


Specsavers have continued their ambitious plans to make sure everybody needs glasses, by buying the leading food labelling and packaging manufacturer in the UK.

From January, it is expected that all descriptive labelling on food products will be printed at the Specsavers standard of 1mm in height, rendering the ingredients and allergy information unreadable without the purchase of a pair of high strength glasses.

Specsavers spokesman, Peter Thape believes the new plan to print the label in 20 languages should ensure the maximum lettering height of 1mm.

‘We had to print a few extra languages, where we don’t even sell the product, to make this work,’ said a proud Peter Thape.

‘Next year we’re looking to buy up street and road sign making companies. I think you can see where we’re heading with this,’ added Thape.