‘Taking your coat off whilst sitting in traffic,’ voted most difficult thing to do, ever


Attempting to take off your coat or jacket when you feel you’ve got a spare moment whilst driving, has been voted…The most difficult thing to do ever, in a new Channel Four poll.

The Channel Four programme, which airs on Tuesday at 8pm, counts down the list of the top 100… Most difficult things to do, ever.

Taking off your coat whilst driving finished ahead of, Saying goodbye to a dying relative, with Giving up a child for adoption finishing third. Local driver, Peter Thape was chilly when he got into the car, but soon warmed up and felt the need to take off his coat.

‘The lights were on red; I thought I’ve got a good 60 seconds here,’ said Thape.

‘I couldn’t quite get my left arm out. Christ, what a state I was in! Sweating and everything,’ added Thape.