‘That’s not my name!’ Lion tells David Attenborough


A lion, who has recently watched an episode of Planet Earth, has questioned why David Attenborough constantly refers to him as ‘Java’ in the narration, when his actually name is Peter.

The BBC camera team were following four year old lion, Peter Thape and his girlfriends in the Serengeti National Park last September.

But when Thape watched back the final cut of the scheduled programme he realised that Sir David was consistently calling him ‘Java.’ Java feeds first…and Java plays with the cubs etc.

‘I’ve got a lot of time for Attenborough; probably be the first name you’d put down as a dinner guest,’ said lion, Thape.

‘But, show a bit of respect, mate – Me mum and dad named me Peter. Don’t think anyone ever actually asked us our names,’ added lion, Thape.