Those not strong enough to carry a baby in a car seat NOT allowed to conceive


The government is to stop under-strength people from breeding in order to protect them from the potential problem of carrying a baby in a car seat.

The Ministry of Children (MOC) has felt the need to act in light of figures showing that only 3% of the population is physically capable of carrying a car-seated baby from the house to the car.

From January all people will need to demonstrate an ability to perform twenty push ups (without bendy arms) and 5 good chin ups, before they can begin any sex.  Peter Thape is a spokesman for the MOC.

‘There will be random checks on ovulating women. Plus all bars and clubs will be issued with an exercise mat to test stomach crunches.’ Thape said.

‘A stronger society will produce stronger children. We could eradicate this tragic phenomenon within 200 years,’ added Thape.