Vinegar under threat after children found trying to make salt and vinegar crisps again


Vinegar could be removed from supermarket shelves after it was discovered that another generation of children were trying to make home-made Salt & Vinegar crisps.

Parents had hoped that the popular, but woefully ineffective, 1970’s practice of pouring vinegar into a pack of Ready Salted Crisps had long since died out.

But recent reports have shown that children have again been producing the doomed compound that yields wet crisps, with a fierce acidic drink at the foot of the bag. Disappointed Parent, Peter Thape (44) has been hiding the Sarson’s.

‘I became a leading surgeon, so that my children wouldn’t have to do this,’ said Thape.

‘I’ll never buy multipack crisps again. Society’s modern-day curse,’ added Thape.