Weetabix to include pressure washer


The makers of Weetabix breakfast cereal are to include a full-sized pressure washer in each box to help clean the bowl afterwards.

Weetabix have also added a banner warning across each pack, reinforcing the need to wash the bowl within 15 minutes, before the gypsum based cereal adheres to the crockery.

Industry rumours suggest that the Weetabix decision has been largely fuelled by the makers of ‘Shreddies’, who have started to include a Kango pneumatic drill in each packet to resolve their own adhesion issues.

‘The pressure washer can clean a baked-on cereal bowl in less than an hour,’ said Industry insider, Peter Thape.

‘Soaking the bowl in a strong acid for 3 days was proving unpopular with customers,’ added Thape.