Woman forced to buy a corner shop vegetable

corner shopcorner shop

A West Midlands woman who had to make an emergency vegetable purchase from a corner shop, has described the decision as the poorest of her adult life.

Murial Hislop (35) from Walsall was expecting dinner guests, when she realised that she was short of an onion for her signature dish. Too far from the 24 hr supermarket, she rushed to the corner shop and grabbed an onion from the rag tag display box beneath the bread. Her husband warned her that corner shop veg is between 3 and 4 years old, but his cries were lost in her haste to leave the house.

‘The onion was so dry that I could have used it as kindling for the fire,’ said Hislop.

‘I should have realised what was going on when I saw a potato in there that I genuinely thought was a house plant,’ added Hislop.