Woman makes sure that she ‘likes’ photo of night out that she’s not been invited to

girls nightgirls night

A woman who didn’t know that three of her friends were going out, until she saw the pictures on Facebook, has thought long and hard before still ‘liking’ the photo.

Murial Hislop was finishing off the larger part of a packet of chocolate digestives in front of the T.V, when she glanced at her Facebook feed to see pictures of her friends enjoying a drink. Hislop couldn’t quite remember whether her friends had told her that they were going out or not, and as she looked down at the biscuits, she wondered whether or not to be angry, or just have a small cry.

‘I still ‘liked’ it. Woop woop! Have a great time girls,’ said Hislop.

‘If I hadn’t have ‘liked’ it, the three of them would have bitched about it for years,’ added Hislop.