Young child questions whether his dad will really stop the car if fighting continues

car fightingcar fighting

A ten year old boy from Lewes wants to examine the sincerity of his father’s threat to stop the car if the fighting with his brother doesn’t stop.

Little Bobby Thape has asked to see a spreadsheet, or some equally qualified audit that shows evidence that his or any other father has ever stopped the car after threatening to do so.

Little Bobby, who usually divides up car journeys by starting unprovoked fights, asking for an unnecessary drink, or claiming he needs a wee, is becoming bored with his dad’s threat.

‘I wish I had a pound for every time that old fool has said…Do you want me to stop this car?’ said Little Bobby.

‘Can’t he just sit there silently angry, wondering if this is all life has to offer, like all the other dads?’ added Little Bobby.