Bellew’s family left with pricey funeral costs after Haye revealed as a liar

haye vs bellewhaye vs bellew

The world of boxing has been thrown into suspicion after Tony Bellew’s family were left with an expensive unused funeral, following the pre-fight advice of opponent David Haye.

The World Boxing Council is to investigate boxer, David Haye who promised to kill Tony Bellew in last night’s fight. But with Bellew completely alive, his family have now been left with an expensive casket, and some fairly aggressive looking guys from Co-operative Funeralcare hanging around. Friend of the Bellew family, Peter Thape believes that the sandwiches he’s made for the funeral will now be wasted.

‘I’m beginning to think that Haye made up the story about Tony dying, but why would he do that?’ asked a curious Thape.

‘We’ve got two massive horses with plumed feathers on, in the kitchen; what are we going to do with them?’ asked Thape