Boxing fans secretly hoping that Mayweather and McGregor sort out their differences before things come to blows


Fans of tonight’s proposed fight are desperately hoping that the two men can sit down and talk things through before the whole thing ends in violence.

Boxing fan, Peter Thape has flown out to Vegas, and speaks honestly on behalf of all boxing fans, when he admits that the last thing he wants to see is two grown men fighting.

Thape has picked up on the bad blood between the two men, and has suggested a game of Chess, Trivial Pursuit, or possibly Bridge to finally decide who the better is.

‘I would happily forego the £1800 that it’s cost to come out here, if these two lovely gents could sort things out amicably before the whole shebang ends up in a fight,’ said Thape.

‘Otherwise, what does it say about us, if we’re paying two men to fight each other for our own enjoyment,’ added Thape.