Clampdown on those who shout ‘It’s 0-0’ at amateur football

park footballpark football

The Ministry of Sport and Culture is to stop those watching and playing amateur football shouting out ‘It’s nil-nil’ immediately after a goal has been scored.

The Government department has been forced to follow up a complaint from the Ministry of Education who feel that the basic laws of arithmetic are being ignored by those shouting out an incorrect score.

Check points will be set up at local park pitches, and some lower league enclosed grounds. Those who offend will have to shout out the correct score, or attend a 3 day training course.

‘The laws of mathematics suggest that the first goal of the game will make the score 1-0, not 0-0,’ said spokesman for the Ministry, Peter Thape

‘Referees will be given the remit to reset the score at 0-0, if the shouting persists,’ added Thape.