Football fans hoping to raise £5M for Scudamore’s retirement


Football fans are planning to jump in and help out Premier League clubs, who’ve been asked to raise £5M as a farewell gift to retiring Premier League Executive Chairman, Richard Scudamore.

Fans will rattle tins outside stadiums, and complete a range of gruelling sponsored events to help get the money together for Scudamore.

Local football fan, Peter Thape does not have the money to help out, but has offered to go and nosh off Scudamore, by way of thanks to the man who changed the face of football.

‘I’m only sorry I couldn’t arrange all the kick off times for 4am to suit the Chinese market,’ said a tearful Scudamore.

‘Perhaps, we can still arrange some of the fixtures to be played in America, before I retire,’ added Scudamore.