Football finally to be recognised at the ‘Cheats’

shouting at refshouting at ref

Football looks set to win one of the highly coveted honours at next week’s prestigious National Cheating Awards.

The glitzy London event, hosted by Ant and Dec, has a ‘Belief that you’ve won a throw-in’ category for the first time. All the nominations come from the world of football, and feature players, mums and dads and an angry dog that was watching a game in the park. Peter Thape has been refereeing for 28 years, and cannot remember a throw-in that has not been contested by both sides.

‘The secret to greatness here is to appeal the throw-in as if your life depends upon it, but if the decision goes against you, to recover instantly,’ said Thape.

‘I did a game last month where the goalie sliced his kick straight out of play. Both sides still appealed,’ added Thape.