Former Olympic sprinter not quick enough for Aldi


28 year old Murial Hislop, who made up one part of the 2012 British 4 x 100m sprint team, has decided to walk away from the challenge presented by her local Aldi.

Although a damaged hamstring curtailed her Olympic dreams, Hislop has also accepted that she is no longer capable of packing her trolley, and paying for her shopping in the time allowed by the cashier. A recent comeback attempt ended in disappointment as she swept 2.5kg of Maris pipers onto her eggs to the impatient tune of cash or card?

‘There comes a time for any athlete, when you have to ask if all the early mornings, diet and training are worth it. I think I’m at that place now,’ said Hislop.

‘I’m ready for Waitrose. I’ve heard that each customer gets 20 minutes to pack and pay there,’ added Hislop.