Harry Redknapp furious that his press conference is spoiled by General Election announcement

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Harry Redknapp, who has patiently waited two years for a quiet day in the calendar to return to football, has had his moment hijacked by news of another General Election.

Redknapp had a long list of gags, nods and familiar winks ready for the gathered press when they all suddenly took phone calls and bolted for the door.

In the absence of the media, Redknapp was forced to tell the Birmingham City tea lady that he might have that Kit-Kat she’s offered him in three weeks…’If I’m still here, love.’

‘I could have had 20 jobs in the last 2 years, but I’ve been waiting for a quiet day in the news,’ said Redknapp.

‘Thought I was safe the day after Easter. There’s no way that tomorrow’s headlines will be Harry’s Back! now,’ added Redknapp.