Man tries unsuccessfully to listen to anguished wife with a game of park football in background


An Exeter man’s ability to listen to his wife has been supremely tested, after they had a disagreement, whilst a game of football went on right behind her.

Peter Thape (35) had been forced to pull his car over to address his wife’s angriness, after she had claimed to be ‘fine’ 3 times in a row.

Thape made the accidental error of stopping his car next to a patch of grass, which featured a game of children playing ‘60 seconds.’ Thape tried hard to stare at his wife’s sad face and take in her concerns, but saw the most spectacular volleyed goal go in, behind her.

‘I couldn’t really hear anything she was saying, it was such a fine finish from the lad,’ said Thape.

‘I just told her I was really sorry, about whatever it was I’d done, I think everything’s ok now, I wasn’t really listening; great goal though,’ added Thape.