Manchester United ask the policeman that fought 3 terrorists to tell Zlatan to leave


Manchester United have asked the police officer that bravely took on the 3 London terrorists to tell Zlatan Ibrahimović that he’s no longer wanted at the club.

Unarmed, off-duty cop, Charlie Guenigault headed straight for the terrorists last weekend, and his brave behaviour has been recognised by United’s Head of Human Resources, Peter Thape.

Thape picked up the recovering officer straight from his hospital bed, and brought him down to the club’s Carrington training ground, where bravely broke the news to Zlatan.

‘It’s a shame we didn’t have Charlie here when we asked Roy Keane to leave,’ said Thape, pointing to a scar above his eye.

‘Whilst Charlie was here, he asked Rooney to leave too. But he just won’t go…however many times we ask,’ added Thape.