Norman Bettison cancels holiday in Liverpool

normThe city of Liverpool is preparing for Hillsborough Disclosure Day in which all documents relating to the Hillsborough football stadium tragedy in Sheffield on 15 April 1989 will be made public at Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral. The documents will be released tomorrow on Wednesday 12th September. Sport, Football, pic: 15th April 1989, F.A. Cup Semi-Final at Hillsborough, (The Hillsborough Tragedy) Liverpool 0,v Nottingham Forest 0, Match Abandoned, Liverpool fans are pulled to safety on to the upper tier, from the crush that was happening below (Photo by Bob Thomas/Getty Images)

Sir Norman Bettison has decided not to go on his planned short break to Liverpool this week.

Bettison had been hoping to catch up with other former Police Chiefs in a small pub in the Anfield area of the city, but has now seemingly changed his mind.

Doubtlessly, Bettison will continue living his life incognito, rarely sleeping in the same bed for two consecutive nights.

‘I don’t know why everyone’s so angry,’ said Bettison.

‘I’m completely not guilty, you should all be pleased for me,’ added Bettison.